Meet Our Coaches:

Gary Philip (Coach Gary):

My involvement with the Youth program began just after becoming a Certified Coach in 2014.  In August 2018 I received my Bronze Level Coaching Certification, and in July 2022 became a Silver Level Certified Coach.  I have bowled competitively for 35+ years and have been involved with youth coaching in a variety of sports throughout those years. Creating a positive learning environment is critical to the development of young people, and I pride myself in being a positive influence on youths’ in the sport of bowling. In 2017, I accepted the position of Youth Director and have focused my immediate efforts on adding quality coaches and growing membership while raising the skill levels of our bowlers, all within the confines of a fun environment. I use “hands-on” coaching, which is sometimes required in an effort to adjust the position of the athlete (body angle to the target, hand position) as appropriate. I strive to instill the mindset that this is a “bowling development program”. I will challenge each athlete to become a better bowler. Dedication from bowlers, parents and coaches alike is required to make our program a success. I believe we are on the right track! In addition, we have recently added a fifth Certified Coach to our program. Together we challenge our bowlers to learn new skills, show respect for the sport and fellow bowlers, and HAVE FUN!


David Schiada (Coach Dave):

I am an avid bowler and became a Certified Coach in 2017, a Bronze Level Certified Coach in August 2018, and a Silver Level Certified Coach in July 2022.  I started volunteering to coach the Chaparral Youth League in 2017 and work with the Rising Stars. My primary focus is on bowling fundamentals, and I spend time explaining the rules of the game to help our junior bowlers become ready for tournament competition. Above all, I encourage our bowlers to do their best and have fun!  I too, was also a junior bowler “back in the day” and understand the perspectives and challenges of young bowlers. I bowl in several leagues and annually compete in the USBC Open Championships. Bowling is a family activity for me, as my teenage son also bowls in regional and national tournaments.


Eileen Ortiz-Bigornia (Coach Eileen): 

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My bowling career started back in the 80’s as a junior bowler at Hollywood Star Lanes.  I had the pleasure of knowing and being mentored by the founder of the Junior Amateur Tour, Coach Mickey Colletti, and Coach Al Sabo.  They taught me the fundamentals of bowling and how to succeed in my bowling career, but also to enjoy the game.

I became one of the elite women bowlers of the San Gabriel Valley back in the 90’s, placed 2nd in the singles division at the Women’s Nationals in Buffalo, NY, multiple San Gabriel Valley’s Queen’s Championships, (5) 300’s, San Gabriel Valleys Bowler of the Year in 1994, accomplished a book average of 215 and competed in many amateur and professional tournaments. As you can see, I took my bowling very seriously and had many accomplishments in my career, while still enjoying the game.

I became a youth coach volunteer in 2015, with the help of my children joining a youth league. Since then I’ve enjoyed teaching and giving back to youth bowlers.  I provide hands-on coaching and encouragement to each youth bowler I work with. I have successfully obtained my credentials as a certified coach, along with Coach Dave and Coach Gary.  I am very excited to join this team and to continue to provide our combined knowledge of the game to these rising stars.


Eddie Gaddison (Coach Eddie):

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After being an avid golfer, I started bowling in 2000 to spend more time with my family on the lanes, and now we are all league bowlers!  I participate in various local and national bowling tournaments during the year.

In 2002, I became a certified Level 1 coach and volunteered at a San Gabriel Valley bowling center youth program for several years.  After obtaining my Bronze Level certification in 2016, I volunteered at Pomona Valley bowling center youth program for a few years.

Growing up in athletic youth programs as a child, I realized how adults can affect the lives of children, youths, and young adults.  I was so impressed by a coach who treated me with respect, dignity, and empathy, that I followed him into his professional occupation as an adult.  

As a coach with our youth program, I hope to positively affect every child, youth, and young adult similarly, while instilling teamwork, character, and integrity, along with the notion of having fun while on the lanes.  

The following coaches profiles are coming soon:

Coach Tyler Salverda

Coach Jennifer Dorn

Coach Brandon Balsz


Premier Youth Bowling is looking for Coaches!

Why do we have USBC Trained Coaches?

The importance of having USBC Trained Coaches in our Youth program is that there is consistency in HOW we coach and communicate with young bowlers. It brings added confidence to bowlers and parents knowing our coaches have been trained to coach.   We’ve put in the time, it makes a difference!

To join our coaching team,  you must have a passion to teach and develop our youth. 

Here are the requirements to join our coaching team: 

  • Current USBC membership – must be a member in good standing whether you bowl or not.  
  • SafeSport Training Course –  designed to broaden your knowledge and understanding of Athlete Safety. After the initial training  a refresher course must be taken once a year. 
  • NCSI Background screening – good for two-years. 
  • You are expected to complete the Coaching Level I on-line training.

Successful completion of these requirements gets you approved through the Registered Volunteer Program (RVP)Coaching must be OBSERVABLE  and INTERRUPTIBLE


  • Our junior program features bowlers from ages 4-18 who bowl on Saturdays from 11:00 – 1:30.  Here is the link to our website to learn more about our program:
  • If you have interest in coaching in our program, send an email with your contact information to Gary Philip at


Gary Philip, Director
Premier Youth Bowling
USBC Silver Coach