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To build confidence in youth bowlers within a fun environment while developing their skills to compete as they progress through the sport, driven by quality coaches and supportive parents. Our goal is to build and grow a sustainable youth bowling program which is respected and recognized as a “Premier Youth Bowling Organization”



Premier Youth Bowling is a bowler development program which consists of bowlers ranging in ages between 5-18 years, divided into four groups.

“Superstars” make up the beginner group, ages 5-7. This energetic group have the option to use bumpers and are aided by a parent/guardian just to make sure they don’t run off too far 😊.  They bowl 2 games weekly.

“Rising Stars” age range is between 8-13. This is where more focused hands-on coaching occurs, and where bowlers are introduced to entry level bowling equipment. This group usually represents one third of our total enrollment. 

“All Stars” is the 14-18 age group. Most bowlers in this group already have ten years of bowling experience in a youth league, all of whom have their own customized bowling equipment. Some aspire to bowl at the collegiate and professional level.

“Sport Shot Stars” is a new division which started in January 2023. Bowlers in this group must have a minumum verified league or book average of 150 or greater, and is limited to USBC juniors with current/active membership. This group bowls three scratch games weekly on different sport shot patterns. This is our most competitive division.

All groups bowl Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. at Bowlium Lanes-Montclair, in leagues which typically run 12-16 weeks.

The three older groups are sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), and several amongst these groups compete with other youth bowlers in tournaments throughout California.

Our program has eight (8) instructors, all of whom are trained and certified on how to teach, and are active participants in adult bowling leagues.

This program is a sanctioned league where scores, team, and individual standings are kept. The age groups are merely a guide we use to place your athlete where they are most likely to grow and succeed. Our coaches are trained to teach at all levels.

 If you are interested in joining our league or have any questions, please contact:

Gary Philip at or 951-529-3920
David Schiada at or 626-374-2036

 Visit us at


A code of conduct has been established for everyone who participates in Premier Youth Bowling.  Bowlers, Parents, and Coaches are expected to abide by this code.  If we want to be different, we must think and act different…….

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