Premier Youth Bowling League

Registration is now open for our 14-week Spring Session

January 6th – April 13th, 2024

Fill out and return your registration form today!

Download Registration Form Here!


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Still have questions? Call Coach Gary @ 951-529-3920

Ages 5-7: “Superstars” (Bumpers if needed-Parent Assist) 2 games, $140 session fee

**Ages 8-13: “Rising Stars” 3 games, $196 session fee

**Ages 14-19: “All Stars” 3 games, $196 session fee

**New Division – “Sport Shot Stars” – 3 games scratch, $256 session fee**

Pattern will change every 4 weeks

(minimum verified league or book average 150 required)

Limited to USBC juniors with CURRENT/ACTIVE Membership only

**Sanctioned by the USBC $11.00 Due on first day for new and expired memberships

NOTE: Fee Schedules apply: A minimum payment equal to 4wks of league fees is required on week #1, week #5, week #9. Week-to-week payments are not an option.

You are invited to join our Premier Youth Bowling League-Spring 2024 session. You can download a registration form using the “download link” above.

Teams are built with three or four bowlers (two or three for the bumpers group).  Requests to pair bowlers on the same team is only considered if it is feasible.  Our objective is to create balanced teams with age and skill levels considered. In the upper divisions, it is NOT likely siblings will be on the same team.

Come roll with us!!!