Thank you for your interest in the

Premier Youth Bowling League

Our Youth Bowling Program consists of bowlers ranging in ages between 4-18 years and are divided into three groups.

“Superstars” make up the beginner group, ages 4-7. This energetic group uses bumpers and are assisted by their parents. They bowl 2 games weekly.

“Rising Stars” age range is between 8-13. This is where coaching begins, and where bowlers are introduced to entry level bowling equipment. This group represents over half of our total enrollment.

“All Stars” is the 14-18 age group. Some of the bowlers in this group already have 10 years’ experience bowling, all of whom have their own customized bowling equipment. Some aspire to bowl at the collegiate level and beyond.

All groups bowl each Saturday, 10:30 a.m., at Bowlium Lanes- Montclair,  in a league which typically run 13 weeks.

The two older groups are sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), and several amongst these groups compete in local tournaments with other youth bowlers throughout California.

The cost of league bowling is $12.00 per week which includes 3 games and shoe rental ($9.00 & 2 games for the bumpers group).

 If you are interested in joining our league or have any questions, please contact:

Gary Philip at or 951-529-3920
David Schiada at or 626-374-2036


To build confidence in youth bowlers within a fun environment while developing their skills to compete as they progress through the sport, driven by quality coaches and supportive parents. Our program is respected and perceived by others as a “Premier Youth Bowling Organization”.